St. Finbar

St. FinbarSt. Finbar was the son of an artisan named Amergin and a lady of the Irish royal court. He was educated at Kilmacahil monastery, Kilkenny, Ireland.

St. Finbar had very light hair, which led to the nickname Fionnbharr, “white hair”. He made multiple pilgrimages to Rome, visiting Saint David of Wales on one trip. He preached throughout southern Ireland, and possibly in Scotland. He was a hermit on a small island at Lough Eiroe and at Gougane Barra. Founded a school at Eirce.

St. Finbar founded a monastery on the river Lee which eventually developed into the city of Cork, Ireland of which he is the patron Saint & first bishop. Extravagant miracles were attributed to him. Legend says that the sun did not set for two weeks after his death.

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