OLD Synod

Origin of the title Patriarch and Catholicos

Definition of Synod

Synod is a general term for ecclesiastical gatherings under hierarchical authority, for the discussion and decision of matters relating to faith, morals, or discipline. It corresponds to the Latin word concilium. The word Synodus appears probably for the first time in the so-called Apostolic canons.

The synod is the highest authority of a local church. The synod of bishops elects the patriarch and the bishops. Apart from the cases in which the Holy See has exclusive competence, the synod of bishops of a Patriarchal Church is also the superior tribunal within the territorial boundaries of that Church.

Patriarchal Synod

H.B. Nerss Bdros XIX TARMOUNI, Catholicos – Patriarch of Cilicia of the Armenian Catholics
H.Exc. Mgr Hovhannes TCHOLAKIAN, Archbishop of Turkey

H.Exc. Mgr Kevork KHAZOUMIAN, Auxiliary Bishop of Turkey

H.Exc. Mgr Manuel DABBAGHIAN, Archbishop of Baghdad, Irak
H.Exc. Mgr Boutros MRIYATIAN, Archbishop of Aleppo and Apostolic Administrator of the upper Djezirah
H.Exc. Mgr Rafael MINASSIAN, Archbishop of Armenia, Georgia and Oriental Europe
H.Exc. Mgr Krikor GHABROYAN, Bishop of  France and Apostolic Visitor of Western Europe
H.Exc. Mgr Vartan W. BOGHOSSIAN, Bishop of the Eparchy of Saint Gregory of Narek of Buenos-Aires and  Apostolic Bishop for Latin America
H.Exc. Mgr Mikael MOURADIAN, Bishop of the United States and Canada
H.Exc. Mgr Vartan ACHKARIAN, Auxiliary Bishop, Vicar General of the Patriarchal Eparchy of Beirut
H.Exc. Mgr Hovsep ARNAOUTIAN, Bishop of Damascus
H.Exc. Mgr Nechan KARAKEHEYAN, Patriarchal Vicar of Greece
H.Exc. Mgr Hovannes TEYROUZIAN, Auxiliary Bishop of the Patriarchal Eparchy of Lebanon
H.Exc. Mgr Nechan KARAKEHEYAN, Bishop of Isphahan, Iran
H.Exc. Mgr Augustinos Krikor KOUSSAN, Bishop of Egypt and Sudan
M.Rev. Hovsep KELEKIAN, Patriarchal Vicar of Jerusalem and Jordan



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