Easter Message 2011



Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

The joy of the resurrection renews the whole world.

These words give us hope as we marvel at what God has done in Jesus. And what God is doing in our lives, in our community and, indeed, in all of creation.

In particular, I wish to express my closeness to those who are suffering from the economic downturn or those who are anxious about the future because of it. Let us trust in God’s Providence to sustain us and particularly pray that the Lord will move the hearts of those who can, to assist those in need in our midst.

With the women at the tomb and the apostles in the upper room, we hear our risen Lord say to us,

“Do not be afraid…. Peace be with you!”

With Mary Magdalene, we hear Jesus tell us that the relationship he shares with God is now ours too,

“Go to my brothers and say to them, ‘I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God”.

How Jesus’ disciples answer this challenge is the task of each Christian generation, including our own. Pope Benedict XVI since his election has reminded us and the world of the central importance of Jesus Christ for our life of faith.

Recently the Holy Father described his ministry as an “awareness of having nothing else to offer and give to those I will meet except for Christ and the Good News of his Cross, the mystery of supreme love, of divine love that overcomes all human resistance and makes it possible even to forgive and love one’s enemies”.

The way we live our faith in the risen life of Christ Jesus in Saint Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Catholic Parish is always undergoing renewal especially this year while we are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the consecration of our church.

In April of this year, the Armenian people marks also the 96th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. While the Armenian Genocide is one of the darkest days of modern history, Easter is one of the brightest in the history of mankind. This year, in a rare coincidence and for the first time since the Genocide, both of these days is falling on April 24th. As children of the Risen Christ we call upon our Christian sisters and brothers to pray with us for our martyrs, who fell victims for defending their faith.

In closing I wish to salute all my parish members. May the radiance of the glory of the Risen Lord shine in your hearts and grant you the consolation and joys of the eternal life we have begun, through the Church, to taste in this world even now.

Happy Easter!

Fr. Krikor Chahinian


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