Announcements August 2019

Announcements August 2019

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Please follow through our weekly updated announcements!


- Ladies Paint Night – August 16, 2019 at 6:30PM we will start with light dinner then at 7:30 start painting.

- Annual Picnic – September 22, 2019 10AM – 5PM. call our office at 818-243-8400 to reserve your tickets.

– Holy Mass- Our Church conducts Holy Mass in Armenian, English and Arabic every 2nd Sunday of the month at 1:00 p.m. We invite our Arabic speaking parishioners to join us and receive Gods’ blessings.

House Blessing- Visiting parishioners at their homes is one of the sacred duties of a priest. The priest represents the church and he carries with him his blessings and Sanctity to his parishioners’ home. He blesses the bread, which represents the ultimate convergence of the sacred and the profane. He blesses the Water, which is the symbol of chaos out of which God created the world is also essential to life. Salt, seasons and purifies. Last but not least, the incense, which is an ancient symbol of prayers rising to God and the individual soul burning with the love of God. Please contact church office to make an appointment at (818) 243-8400.

- Church Services For any Church Service, memorials, announcements , funerals, weddings, engagements and all others, please contact the church office during the week for arrangements at (818) 243-8400. In Case our parishioners would like to register their names for memorial announcements on Sundays, these names will not be read during the Mass, but will be given to the memorial service family.

- Altar Cross    Our parishioners can sponsor a Cross stone on the altar by engraving their names or their beloved ones. For more information please contact  Fr. Antoine Noradounghian.  See a sample
at the entrance of the Church.



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